Markus Dressler


Markus Dressler received his Ph.D. from Erfurt University in 2001 with a dissertation on the historical evolution of Alevism, and Alevis’ modern reconstruction of their tradition. He continued this research as a postdoctoral fellow at the German Orient Institute of Istanbul and at New York University (2001-2). Subsequently he taught at New York University, Oberlin College, and Hofstra University where he teaches since 2005 as Assistant Professor in the Religion Department. Currently (2007-8) he is a fellow at the American Research Institute in Turkey/Istanbul. Markus Dressler’s research focuses on the religion, politics, and history of modern Turkey, with a special interest in Turkish Alevism. Further research interests include religion and secularism theory, and formations of contemporary Sufism in Western societies. In October 2007 he co-organized an international conference on the “Politics of Religion-Making” at Hofstra University. His academic publications include two monographs, several journal articles, book chapters, and encyclopedia entries.


Assistant Professor of Philosophy at Hofstra University