Kathleen Sands


Kathleen Sands is an Associate Professor at the University of Hawaii, and the author of Escape from Paradise: Evil and Tragedy in Feminist Theology (1996), and editor of God Forbid: Religion and Sex in American Public Life (2000). Her programmatic research interest is to advance within Religious Studies a critical approach to religion that is analogous to critical studies in race, gender and sexuality. Currently, she is analyzing discourses of religion (and related discourses of the secular) as they appear in U.S. church-state jurisprudence and its political-cultural contexts. As case studies of these discourses, she recently has published on themes including: the constitutional relations among land, religion, and Native Americans; religion, secularism, and the women’s movement in the U.S.; the “Faith-Based Initiatives” movement; and sexual dissent as a matter of religious freedom.


Associate Professor at the University of Hawaii